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The philosophy of buying a home

Look there are a lot of people out there who want to sell you a house. For the experience to be all that it can be I suggest you find a realtor that in invested in helping you buy a home. There maybe many houses in a neighborhood but just one that will be your home. It's all a matter of perspective. Unless you know your neighbor when you look across the street you see a house not their home.  A home is something more than boards and nails and wires.  A home is a place where memories are captured and shared.  A home is where your children learn to walk and Aunt Tilly falls down drunk after just one glass of wine (She never could hold her liquor).  A home is where the ups and downs of life dwell. A home is the frame of the picture of your life.  it is imperative you choose the house and the realtor wisely. It is you that transforms a house into a home No matter if it is a trade up home for you or your forever home the process you go through when finding and purchasing it will effect the experience you have while living there.  When I bought my home my realtor just wanted to find me a house as fast as possible and move on to the next pay check. Instead of being one of the best experiences of my life it ended up being merely a transaction. I wanted support from my realtor. I wanted to know I was special because buying a home is special.  I wanted to know if I ever needed a realtor again I had someone to turn to.  

Yes a home purchase is business. Yes a home purchase is a huge investment. But it is intrinsically so much more.  Selecting a realtor needs to be based on more than their track record and all the zeros in their bank account. Trust, compassion, excitement and loyalty are what you should expect. I mean for gosh sake you are BUYING A HOME! How cool is that? it's super freaking cool!  Buying a home is an investment to celebrate. Buying a home is an investment in yourself beyond the fiances. Expect more from your realtor than just a name on a contract. Buying a home is much more fun than buying a house... Let's have fun. 


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